Role and board gaming society of University of Turku: Tyrmä Ry
We are the Role and board game society of University of Turku: Tyrmä Ry (as you might have read from the top of this page)
We are a simple society that hangs around and occasionally plays games. If you are interrested on roleplaying or board games, please feel free to come at our gatherings. If you want to participate more and support our society we might ask you to become an actual member, membership fee is 10€ for a year.
We run several Table-talk roleplaying campaigns. Please see the Wiki for more information on our ongoing campaigns.
You can also join our, there is channel english_general for general questions, and also different channels for campaigns.
Our office, Terrakoti, can be found in Yo-talo B at rehtorinpellonkatu 4b, below is embedded googlemap:

There is also an pictorial directions in Finnish page. The telephone number +358 44 922 0875 refers to the phone that sits in our office and you might try to call it to see if there is anyone home.
On right hand side you can see our calendar, here is a short Tyrmä - English dictionary to help you dechiper our antedluvian secrets.
Päivystys - Daying
Every other monday some people gather at our office to lie on couch and read some rolepalying game manual from our wast library. Sometimes someone might even suggest a board game, sometimes there is even a scheduled game.
Peli-ilta - Gaming night
This starts at 14:00 so it is more of a game evening, but it is called gaming night to confuse our enemies. Every other Sunday we gather at Ccampus chappel in Yo-Talo C first floor and have a go at some role playing and board games. There is always a game with open places so please come and see if there is anything interresting going on.
Only Great Cthulhu knows, and he ain't telling.