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Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Merten sankarit / Heroes of the seas on RuneQuest kampanja jota pelataan luolalla joka toinen maanantai.

Kieli: Avoin

Langugage: To be Decided


Kampanjan alussa pelaajien hahmoilla on laiva

In English

Here is some information about the campaign in English:

Character generation

There are some extra rules for creating characters, mainly a few new occupations and eight new homelands, and cultures.

New Homelands

Player characters can come from the homeland listed in the main rulebook:

  • The Grazelands: roughly the southwestern quarter of Dragon Pass.
  • Esrolia: the civilized lands southwest of Dragon Pass.
  • Prax: the chaparral plains east of Dragon Pass.
  • Sartar: roughly the southeast quarter of Dragon Pass and including the Quivin Mountains.
  • Lunar Tarsh: roughly the northwest quarter of Dragon Pass.
  • Old Tarsh: the lands immediately around the great mountain Kero Fin.

Or they can choose their homelands from lands that have a strong maritime tradition:

  • Finest sailors in all Glorantha: Rightarm islands
  • Ancient land of the Dragon Emperor: Karolera
  • A freedom loving folk from a huge archipelago: Hargala
  • Intrepid sailor who roam the seas: Maslo
  • Proud sailors from the land where slavery is the norm: Kasreesthu
  • Pacifist Malkioni traders and their Orlanthi mercenaries: Umathela
  • Orthodox Malkioni from the once proud land: Seshnela
  • Liberal Malkioni from the cold north: Fonrit