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(Taken from Guide to Glorantha pages 248-249)

The Greater Archipelago is sometimes called the Rightarm Islands, or simply the Islands. Here are several dozen spots of land which change radically in size according to the tides. Most are covered with salt marshes with twisted channels capable of changing weekly. The islands are protected by fierce giant cranes that stand some thirty feet tall and are worshiped by the local inhabitants.

The residents are mostly fishermen who ply the coast and the bay for their livelihood. They work closely with the native Triolini, who are the larger part of the populace, but who never leave the water. To humans, the sailors are the more evident, and many think of the islands as being ruled by the human admirals rather than by the merchief who actually rules from beneath the Troll Channel.

Government of the dry spots (the islands) is controlled by the Triolini. The fishermen are dependent on the good will of the sea folk for their survival and hold no grudge for this form of rulership. A single High Admiral of the Boats is appointed over all Legged Folk by the mer-chief, and the God-King made this admiral commander of his naval fleet.

Cults worshiped throughout the island begin with Choralinthor, who lives beneath the waters and often visits his beloved, and Pelaskos the Fisher. Also worshiped are Diros, God of Boats; Dormal the Sailor, who Opened the Seas; Golad, the God of Fish; and Magasta, greatest of all sea gods.

Seapolis is their major settlement, numbering about 4,000 residents of mixed human and Triolini.

The Islanders were greatly enriched by Belintar and by the Opening of the Seas. This land was the earliest nation to befriend Belintar and he originally climbed from the ocean to the Rightarm Island of Sindpaper.

The triremes of the Holy Country navy were piloted and manned largely by Islander crews. However, the demise of Belintar has been disastrous for the Islanders. The Holy Country navy was destroyed by Wolf Pirates in 1616 and the Islands have since suffered terribly from Wolf Pirate raids.

Creating a character

To create a charcter from a rightarm islands use these tables.

Base passions

Homeland: base passions
Passion Value
Love (Family) 60%
Loyalty (Clan) 60%
Hate (Wolf pirates) 60%

Occupation tables

Roll 1d20 for parents occupation, or choose from the table.

Homeland: parent's occupation
Roll Occupation
1-7 Fisher
8-10 Sailor
11-12 Shaman
13-16 (Wood)crafter
17-19 Warrior
20 Admiral (Noble)

Family history

This table determines the history of player characters grandparents and parents. Years are approximate outside of dragon pass, but they correlate fairly well with the years in family history sheet.

Homeland: family history
Year What happened
Your grandparent's history
1582 Dormal the sailor opened the seas and came to the Rightarm isles.
Dormal the sailor arrives. Roll d20:
Roll Result
1-10 Did not meet him.
11-15 Saw dormall, gain devotion (Dormal) passion
16-20 Joined the crew of dormal. Roll again on voyages of dormal table.
Voyages of Dormal
Roll Result
1-4: Grandparent found treasure from sunken coast of Senshela. Roll 3d6+2 on family heirloom table.
5-10: Grandparent journeyed far and wide, gain Loyalty (Crew) passion.
11-15: Grandparent was ambushed by Vadeli, gain Hate (Vadeli) passion.
16-19: Grandparent fought at battle of Ozur bay. Gain Honor passion.
20: Grandparent died gloriously at battle of Ozur bay. Gain reputation +1d3% and Honor passion.
1597 In year 1587 Pharaoh Bellintar sent a fleet to Kralorela far in the east. Only seven sailro returned, all blinded in one eye.
Expedition to Kralorela:
Roll Result
1-12 Grandparent did not take part. Roll from the main rulebook on year 1597 with -5 to the roll.
13-19 Grandparent Died on the voyage, gain Fear (Kralorela).
20 Grandparent was one of the seven who made it back, gain Fear (Kralorela).
1602 As main rulebok with -5 to roll.
1603-1604 As main rulebok with -5 to roll.
1605 Roll 1d20, with -5 if granparent lost one eye in Kralorela, if 10+ roll from feint to the sea campaign entry in main rulebook.
Your parents history
1608 As main rulebok with -5 to roll.
1610 A great raid by the wolf pirates.
Wolf pirate raid:
Roll Result
1-5 Parent died fighting, gain Hate (Wolf pirates) passion
6-15 Parent was aided by merfolk, gain Loyalty (Triolini) passion
16-20 Parent fought with honor, gain Honor passion and 1d3% reputation.
1613 Rebellion of Kallyr Starbow happenned in Sartar.
Expedition to Kralorela:
Roll Result
1-12 Normal year.
13-14 Died of of other causes.
15-20 Helpped Kallyr Starbow escape to the sea. Gain Loyalty (Kallyr Starbow) Passion.
1615 As per rulebook. -5 if parent was warrior, -10 otherwise.
1616 As per rulebook +15.
1618 As per rulebook
1619 As per rulebook -7
1620 As per rulebook -10
1621 Roll on Great winter 1 in rulebook.
Your personal history
1622 Roll on Great winter 2 in rulebook
1623 As per rulebook +10
1624 As per rulebook +10

Rune affinities

Water +10%

Cultural skills

Homeland: skill bonuses
Skill Value Cultural weapon Value
Boat 20% 1H Axe 15%
Swim 20% Dagger 10%
Shiphandling 15% 1H Spear 20%
Survival 10% Javelin 10%
Spirit combat 15% Self Bow 15%
Craft wood 20%
Scan 20%