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Wolf pirates are based in three step islands.


(Quoted from Guide to Glorantha Page 258 used as fair use)

The Wolf Pirates began as refugee Ygg’s Islanders liberated from the Closing by Dormal the Sailor. Rich in fishing, their islands grew severely overpopulated during the Closing. The situation had grown so bad that they were eating their children when The Sailor arrived. The residents lost no time in contacting their own naval spirit, who sent them the first of the sleek, beast-prowed warships which have since prowled the coasts, rivers, and deeps of the world.

The Wolf Pirates originally allied themselves to the Vadeli and scoured the Neliomi Sea, content to plunder everywhere and send the booty home and to the Vadeli Isles. After the defeat of the Vadeli, the Wolf Pirates spread eastward along Genertela’s southern coasts. Often, colonies were settled as pirates brought their families from the desolate Ygg’s Isles to better homes, notably the Three Step Islands (which had been uninhabited at the Opening), Gothalos in Jrustela, and Ginorth in Seshnela.

The Wolf Pirates declared a brotherhood of equals after they left their homeland. All factors of rank, inheritance, and family were given to the Deep Sea, and instead each man or woman would be judged only on his or her abilities for the fleet. This theoretically egalitarian society is actually run by the toughest and most competent captains, who usually own the best ships.

The most famous of the Wolf Pirates is Harrek the Berserk, a Rathori tribesman who plundered his homeland before fleeing to the Wolf Pirates. He has attracted many other freebooters to his ships and fears no one alive. Harrek is supreme at the Three Step Islands and more or less leads the Wolf Pirates.

No one knows how many Wolf Pirates there are, or how many ships. About two dozen Wolf Pirate ships left Loskalm, and although some have been sunk, others have been built, too. Furthermore, at least as many galleys and round ships have since joined the fleet. There may be as many as 30 to 60 ships in all, though they range all along the southern coast, and have so far never all been in one place at the same time.


(Quoted from Guide to Glorantha Page 258 used as fair use)

The characteristic ship of the Wolf Pirates is a fast and narrow 50-oared sailing ship used for ramming and boarding. They are protected by fierce magical figureheads on the prow (typically a demonic wolf); these figureheads are not only defensive but are known to curse, bind, and even bite enemy ships. These galleys are capable of remarkably quick bursts of speed. Crew: 50 warrior rowers, 5 officers, 1 captain.


Homeland: family history
Year What happened
Your grandparents history
1622 Harrek the White bear lead the fleet to jungles of Laskal where you fought against the Bat people and sacked the forest of disease. Roll 1d20:
Wolf pirates in Loskal:
Roll Result
1-5 You were badly wounded by bat people. Gain Hate (bat people) Passion.
6-10 Did not do much fighting.
11-12 Gained a random boon.
12-15 Fought bravely under sub-commander Argrath. Gain Loyalty (Argrath) Passion.
16-18 Witnessed the fighting prowess of Harrek the White bear. Gain Fear (Harrek) Passion.
19-20 Sacked the Disease forest. Roll 3d6+2 on heirloom table.
1623 The wolf pirates got tangled up in some intrigue in Fonrit and set sail for Jrustelia. Harrek got lost in Iron city and the crew wanted to sail away without him, but sub-commander Argrath wanted to wait. Choose to side with Argrath or rest of the crew.
Iron city:
Choise Result
Side with Argrath and wait. Only a handful of crew sided with Argrath, but you were vindicated when Harrek returned from the ruins. Gain 3d6+2 roll on heirloom table as thanks.
Side with the crew Kostid Surehand led the faction that wanted to escape. You were proven wrong when Harrek returned. Gain Fear (Harrek) Passion.
1623 Wolf pirates sailed to Holy country to aid in a war against Lunar empire. Roll from Battle of Pennel ford table in main rulebook and proceed to Sack of City of wonders from there.

After that Wolf Pirate captain Kostid Surehand invited you to drink some of wine. The wine was poisoned and last thing you heard was "I need to get rid of the rest of you Argrath's dogs." When you woke up you were on a slave ship.

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